Additional Information


Before calling us:

If this is a divorce or child custody concern, consider contacting us on a different phone, or using a phone in a phone company account that is only in your name. Make sure your phone is password protected.  Do not leave your phone unattended. Turn off the GPS function.  

Consider re-setting a new password for your laptop, and do not leave it unattended. If left unattended, someone could install an undetectable spyware program. Consider changing your email address. 

Consider not using your home personal computer, if you have one.  Again, an undetectable spyware program could be installed. 

If you have to speak to someone about confidential matters, consider having those phone conversations outside of your home and car. Recording devices may have been illegally

 placed  inside your home and car to capture your conversations.  If you find a recording device, do not disturb it, but do consider contacting the police to have them investigate. 

Before traveling to a confidential location, be aware that a tracker may have been placed on your vehicle.  

Before sharing with others the circumstances of your case or your intended contact with us, be aware that loose lips (of others) have sunk ships. Your desired investigation could quickly end before it even starts if it is leaked to the wrong party.  


Additional Information

Please note that we cannot provide legal advice as we are not attorneys.  We provide confidential information that has only been legally obtained.  

We look forward to hearing from you, to confidentially discuss your case, and to advise as to what assistance we might provide to you

 and its probable cost.